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Related Organisations and Websites

4Beauty – Channel 4’s list of the 8 best body confidence websites on the net

Adios Barbie – a website promoting healthy body image and self-image for people of all cultures and sizes.

All Walks Beyond the Catwalk – a fashion industry initiative collaborating with designers and professional models to challenge some of the industry’s long-held ideas about female size, shape and age.

Any Body – a non-profit organisation encouraging a change in cultural attitudes towards bodies, food and eating so that women and children of the next generation can learn to be happy in and look after their bodies.

B-eat – a leading UK charity for people with eating disorders and their families.

Beautiful Just the Way You Are – a US campaign protesting against the objectification of girls and women in US culture.

Centre for Appearance Research – an academic research centre at the University of West England which focuses on appearance-related concerns.

Carol Collins – President of the International Federation of Image Consultants and a supporter of the Campaign for Body Confidence.

Central YMCA – a health charity using advocacy and education to change attitudes toward health, including body image. – a website dedicated to showcasing female rolemodels from all walks of life.

Disney Princess Recovery – a fascinating blog by a mother trying to steer her daughter away from aspiring to be a Disney Princess.

Fed Up Inc. – an LA-based organisation which educates young people on body image, self esteem and healthy living to prevent eating disorders.

Front Page Campaign – an excellent charity aiming to protect children from inappropriate sexualised imagery in the media.

Girl Guiding UK – Girl Guiding UK conducts research and campaigns around girls’ health, self-esteem and body image.

Hughes Models – a UK-based modelling agency specialising in models of dress size 12 and above.

Muse in the Mirror – a pro-esteem website developed to inspire positive body image.

My Body Beautiful – a support website helping to build self-esteem and offering body confidence workshops.

Natural Beauty: Keeping it Real – a campaign organised by 17 year old Kaya Cheyanne in connection with Channel 4.

Object – an organisation dedicated to challenging the sexual objectification of women in the media and popular culture.

Pink Stinks – a campaign and social enterprise that challenges the culture of pink which invades every aspect of girls’ lives.

Turn Your Back on Page 3 – a campaign against ‘Page 3 culture’, objectification of women in the media, sexism and violence against women.

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