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In the UK half of teenage girls aged 14-15 want to lose weight

July 24, 2012

Despite the fact that many 14-15 year old girls are the picture of health more than half want to lose weight. That’s the astonishing finding of a new study done by the Schools Health Education Unit who found that 58 per cent 
of female pupils that age would like to shed some weight.

Also troubling were the findings that a quarter of girls had no breakfast on the morning they were questioned and 20 per cent skipped lunch the day before.

The survey of 31,354 children, between ten and 15, across the UK, also found half of 12 to 13-year-old girls would like to lose weight.

Commenting on the report Campaign for Body Confidence co-founder Jo Swinson said:

“It’s really worrying these kind of figures, but it’s not entirely surprising.

“The message sent out to young girls is how they look [is important], rather than what they say or do.

“Girls take that message and do some of the damaging things like skipping meals.

“We need a change in the culture of judging people on appearance. If we look at people paraded as role models, they fit one particular body size.

“But there is no reason for a girl to look a particular way.”

Photo credit: Central YMCA

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