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Girlguiding UK presents over 25,000 signatures on airbrushing petition to Downing Street

November 11, 2010

The Campaign for Body Confidence congratulates Girlguiding UK, the country’s largest youth organisation for girls on delivering a petition to Downing Street calling for honesty over the use of airbrushed images in the media.

With over 25,000 signatories since its launch in August, the petition calls for compulsory labelling to distinguish between airbrushed and natural images in order to protect and bolster confidence in young women.

Airbrushed images have been identified as an important concern facing girls and women today, after a survey carried out by Girlguiding UK revealed that 50% of 16-21 year olds said they would consider having surgery to change the way they look, whilst 66% of its young members claimed that girls undertook strict dieting due to the media portrayal of women.

The airbrushed warning labels would help young women distinguish between unaltered pictures and airbrushed ads in order to safeguard their confidence against fake body ideals.

The Campaign for Body Confidence supports Girlguiding UK in their work to address the critical issue of airbrushed and digitally altered images affecting the self-confidence of girls and young women.

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