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Equalities Minister hails CBC successes

September 23, 2010

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At the Liberal Democrat party’s Autumn conference this week, Equalities Minister and CBC co-founder Lynne Featherstone celebrated the successes of the Campaign for Body Confidence so far.  During a rousing speech to a packed conference hall about her work since being appointed as a Minister in May, Lynne said:

Narrow ideas of beauty, distorted and propagated by the media, puts endless pressure onto young boys and girls that can lead to low self-esteem, depression and eating disorders.

This is why Jo Swinson and I co-founded the Campaign for Body Confidence – and I want to applaud Jo for working so tirelessly to champion this cause.

And we are already having an effect! Debenhams is no longer using airbrushed models in any of its marketing materials, and Channel 4 has launched its own campaign against airbrushing.

And I will be hosting a government roundtable to drive forward these issues. 

Read the full text of Lynne’s speech

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