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CBC welcomes Debenhams’ anti-airbrushing policy

August 17, 2010

Campaign Co-founder Jo Swinson MP has welcomed Debenhams’ new anti-airbrushing policy.

After the success of its recent swimwear advertising campaign, which compares a natural image of a model with an airbrushed version, the store is introducing ‘tough guidelines’ for all of its marketing material.

A spokeswoman for Debenhams has said that “Under no circumstances will we make models thinner or change their skin pigmentation.”

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“The campaign against the excessive use of airbrushing to manipulate pictures in advertising and the media is clearly gaining momentum, with celebrities such as Emily Blunt, Liv Tyler and Kelly Brook speaking out against it in recent weeks.

“Debenhams is leading the way among retailers in introducing this policy and we hope it will encourage others to follow suit.

“The Campaign for Body Confidence will convene a government roundtable meeting in the Autumn to look at how government can help to tackle the harm caused by excessively airbrushed images to people’s health and wellbeing.”

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