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International body image conference planned for 2011

August 6, 2010

Endangered Species is an international summit planned for March 2011 to challenge the pernicious culture that teaches women and girls to hate their own bodies.

In March 2011, The Women’s Therapy Centre Institute from New York and UK-based AnyBody ( will launch a comprehensive, worldwide campaign in collaboration with the leading organisations and individuals already working on the front-lines of this public health emergency. This campaign will engage government officials, educational institutions, multi-national corporations, the fashion industry, and the mainstream media, to join us in creating a new visual culture – namely one where the diverse, real beauty of women and girls is valued and magnified so that girls can grow up confident in their bodies.

Three Summits are planned, the first in London on March 4th, the others in New York (March 18th, 19th) and Buenos Aires.

At the UK Summit, small organisations will showcase the work they are already doing with young women – from work in schools, colleges and communities to web-based groups and campaigning organisations. There will be an exchange of information and the announcement of a set of desired policies. People in politics, corporate life, fashion and the media will be asked how they can best contribute to changing those aspects of the commercialisation of beauty which are causing such harm to girls and women today. We will seek to engage people in positions of influence and change so that they understand the issues better and have a sense of what pledges they could undertake to make a difference.

The UK Summit will include specially commissioned film and visual material  and the day will end with an alternative fashion. It will feature women from a variety of sizes, backgrounds and ages, enjoying edgy design and wearing clothes that show them at work and play, not only as a site for display.

 The day will be documented by filmmakers and web-streamed during the day.

Visit the Any-Body website

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  1. natasha roffe permalink
    August 6, 2010 7:57 pm

    i really want to get involved wit the any body summits; i am based in london but am committed to spraeding the message in deed a n d body of bodies of al sizws and shapes being acceptable an d lovable; heres to diversity dialogue and doing what neds to be done in order to spread the message. please keep me informed l ; i would love to help or volunteer

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