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Keeping it real on the body image Battlefront

July 23, 2010

Kaya Cheyanne, a 17 year old campaigner has launched her ‘Natural Beauty: Keep it Real’ campaign as part of Channel 4’s Battlefront project. Kaya says:

“Keeping It Real is a campaign to encourage young people to love their natural bodies and not be influenced by what they see every day in magazines, on websites and the television. Fake images of models have a negative effect on people of all ages. I’d like to change that.”

Kaya wants to see the media making less use of digital manipulation of images of models, as she believes this has nagetive impact on how people feel about their own bodies. She is aiming to get a top women’s magazine to run a whole issue which uses no airbrushing.

Kaya met with Jo Swinson MP this week to talk seek advice for her campaign and find out what tips she could glean from the Campaign for Body Confidence. She has put together a video log of the meeting:

Kaya will be blogging, tweeting and posting regular videos about her campaign for the next 9 months. You can keep up with the campaign on her webpage.

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